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About TOUYA-Grocery Shopping and Delivery


TOUYA is a Grocery Shopping and Delivery service that is here to give a new meaning to your shopping experience. We introduce a better way of getting your groceries from the store to your doorstep with your minimum effort invested.

Our Mission

To help our customers with their shopping errands whenever they need to replenish their pantries.

Our Vision

We envision a life full of convenience for our customers. A future where grocery shopping is not a headache anymore. We want to do this by helping our customers free their time for other pressing things.

The team

Our team is made up of people who’ve worked in leading uptown supermarkets of Harare for over 5 years. Delivering top-notch service is our way of life. We take grocery shopping seriously and we believe in customer satisfaction.

Our team includes friendly and attentive shoppers who are adequately trained in areas of customer service and food handling. We also have experts in technology, thanks to these innovative minds, your grocery shopping will never be the same again.

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We deliver your groceries in the shortest time possible usually same day unless if you instruct us otherwise or the order is placed late in the day.

Orders placed before 2 pm are delivered on the same day.

Upon delivery you will be presented with your receipts and any other documentation entitled to you. You will be required to sign confirming receipt of groceries.

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Grocery Picking

We have good product knowledge and we know how to pick items, something we have learned over our 5 years in retail stores.

We are guided by your budget and preference when it comes to stores and brands to pick. We check for the things you would check on products before putting them into the cart, such as expiry dates, deformed products etc.

Fruits and veggies are carefully picked paying attention to freshness and quality of produce.


Handling Your Groceries

We practice absolute hygiene when handling your groceries from the store shelves all the way to your doorstep. We carefully handle your delicate items in a way such that they get to you in the state they left the store in.

Cold and meat items are kept at cool temperatures  and delivered in the shortest time possible. No third party persons will handle your groceries except for TOUYA shoppers.

How it works

Send us your grocery list

Send us your grocery list

We call to confirm your order

We call to confirm your order

We go

We go & shop for your items

Then we deliver to you

Then we deliver to you

Send your grocery list to this WhatsApp number.

0771 502 349

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